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How to Claim your Artist profile

fREQUENTLY asked questions

Visit Archodia Music HERE to search for your songs or Artist name on Archodia Music

If you have submitted your music to distribution companies, your music might already be on Archodia. Searching your music or artist name will help populate your music (if available) to ensure you do not create a duplicate artist profile.

If you can't find your songs or artist name, you will have the option to create it in step 3 below.

If your music or artist is not currently on Archodia Music, visit the RESOURCES HUB to claim your artist profile or create a new one

You will need to create a user profile to claim or create an artist profile. Your User profile is different from your Artist profile. You can only access your Artist profile after you have claimed the artist. Your artist profile has your music data, your user profile is for accessing Archodia Music and managing your artist profile.

Once logged in, go the RESOURCES HUB to submit a request to claim your artist profile or create a new one

You can also access the Resources Hub via your user profile name dropdown on the top right corner (desktop) or via the Account tab (Mobile).

You will find two (2) options, "Claim an existing artist" or "Create new artist". If you did not find your music or artist name in step 1 above, you can select the Create new artist option.

Follow the on-screen instructions to claim an existing artist or create a new one

Ensure to enter your correct artist name if you are creating a new one. This will be made public for listeners to access your music. Your music is only accessible via your Artist profile, not your User profile.

To speed up the verification process, ensure to connect your social media account, or you can upload an ID

Verification helps us validate the user account. This ensures the right user is claiming the right Artist and managing the artist account.

Your artist profile gets a "Verified artist" badge after verification is completed.

Your connected social media account or uploaded ID submitted during your Artist profile claim request is used for the sole purpose of user verification. See our privacy Policy

Having trouble? Contact our help center via the "Live Chat" button on the bottom right corner of the page to request for assistance. You can also reach us at







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