Maximizing Streaming Revenue on Archodia Play

Updated: May 16

Simple steps to grow your Archodia Play presence and let your fans find you!

Having your music playing on Archodia Play is one thing, making sure your fans find you is another. Find below simple steps to enable your fans and music lovers to find you and your music, hear it first while improving your streaming revenue on Archodia Play.


1. Claim your Archodia Play music profile

Because Archodia Play partners with numerous distribution companies, your music must already be available for listeners. Claiming your music profile will enable you to take control of your catalog on Archodia Play, update your artist information and profile photo anytime, set your tour dates, start collecting streaming, and get a verified artist badge so that your fans know it's you and more.


2. Update your Artist information

The next phase after claiming your music profile is to update your artist information. Go to your Music Manager Dashboard, and select the "Update Profile" option from the menu tab.

Your artist profile photo will be visible to your fans. Make sure you have the most recent photo uploaded. Include your city, country, and social media handles. Update your genre, select all genres of music you play so that you will be available on the popular genres on Discover. Let your fans know a bit about you by adding a bio.

For how to update your artist information, see the how to access and manage your music in the Artist section of the frequently asked questions area.


3. Update your song information

Updating your song information gives your music more visibility. Go to your Music Manager Dashboard and select "My Songs" or "My Albums". Choose the song or album you want to update and ensure to do the following:

a. Update track or album Genre

Setting the proper genre for your album/songs makes it visible on our popular genre list on Discover. More visibility means more plays.

b. Update track or album Mood

Help your fans listen to your music based on their mood. Having the proper Mood set also makes your songs visible on Discover. We constantly are adding more music Moods for listeners. Ensure to regularly check.

c. Set download fees

Entering your download prices gives your fans the option to support your music by downloading your songs for offline listening.

For how to access and manage your music, see the frequently asked questions section.