AEE Royalty, Shardella Sessions Discusses Her Latest Single "Everything" and Making Music

Updated: Mar 25

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This year is beginning to show good signs and possibilities in the music industry as we are now almost used to the new shift from the usual face-to-face to a more digital (online) music, shows, and interview experience. There is no doubt the music industry this year will see lots of amazing young rising stars take this new musical experience to another level. Amongst the coming young talents currently making waves this year in the music arena is Atlas Elite Entertainment Royalty, Shardella Sessions. Hear from Shardella Sessions with her interview below.


Shardella Sessions writes her songs and creates her own vocal arrangements in smooth style. She has been doing music since she was 11-years-old and fully dived into the business at age 12. Her lyrics are delivered with a pleasant vibe. Her message is powerful and motivating. She joined the girl group named One Unity as lead which was managed by Angel Sessions, one of the most powerful R&B voices of our time, and her mom. When the girl group split, she continued her solo career and released an album in 2017 called The Evolution of Shardella and has been releasing singles ever since.

In addition to being a songwriter, Shardella also produces and mixes her songs, which is an exceptional talent for a young artist. Her involvement to that level is the ultimate of what it means to be truly independent and free to be creative without distractions. Thousands of R&B listeners are discovering Shardella's music and they are lovin' it. She started writing her own music for distribution at age 20. Music has always been her passion since she was very young.

Your latest release "Everything," what's the background and inspiration behind it?

I wrote this song to explain commitment. It was also me expressing leaving all the past pain behind & having something real & solid to hold on to. It’s all about Love.

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How does being the daughter of one of R&B's most powerful voices affect, guide, and help shape Shardella musically?

It definitely has brought me further along because I had that guidance growing up. I was taught how to work hard and how serious the music business is. The beautiful thing is being able to be myself as she supports my unique style and sound. She has me back in this industry which we know can be very cutthroat at times. She works very hard on my behalf and I’m always thankful for her pushing me to the next level.

How many songs/albums have you released to date?

I’ve released one album which was “The Evolution of Shardella” and about 8 singles with “Everything” being my latest.


The Evolution of Shardella was released in 2017 and peaked the top Amazon 100 charts at #1. How did this made you feel and how did the success guide your step when creating your latest single, "Everything".

I was extremely excited! Every achievement for me is a celebration no matter how big or how small. I always tell myself that I could be nowhere right now. My music could just be sitting but it’s not. It pushes me to keep going & doing what I love. I’m constantly inspired to make more music.