Zaena Becomes Napoleon Dynamite In New Music Video "Brand Name"

Directed by Jason Maek, ‘Brand Name’ is a tribute to the infamous dance scene in the cult-classic film, Napoleon Dynamite. In this spin-off, Zaena takes on the role of Napoleon Dynamite, but with subtle changes that are exemplary of the duo’s artistic style.

The fun hip-hop/house track is an instant anthem with Zaena celebrating all parts of herself, whether they are fake or not. The track also features several self-affirmations from transgender reality star Candyce.

“You might think this is a joke, but those are some of my best dance moves,” says Zaena. “Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies, so to recreate this for a video is something I can definitely scratch off my bucket list.”

‘Brand Name’ is the ninth music video Zaena x Jason Maek have released since February. No word yet if it is leading to a full-length project, however, the duo is not shutting down the idea.

Jason Maek stated, “We might release one soon. Right now, we are having a lot of fun just releasing song after song and hearing what fans have to say about them.”

Check out the latest video below and let us know what you think.

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