Xenai returns with his latest single, "Fool"

Xenai returns with his latest single, "Fool"

Having opened for Marshmello and The Killers at the recent Formula 1 Grand Prix, in Abu Dhabi, and performing at Mubadala Tennis World Championship, Xenai returns with his latest single, “Fool” released April 1st, 2020.

"'Fool' is a song that represents heartbreak and betrayal. It's about a girl I was dating for almost two years who had been cheating on me for about 6 months and I had no idea. I was played a fool, " Xenai said about the new track.

A third culture hip hop and R&B artist, Xanai started making his music in Boston, Massachusetts, and represents a sonic kaleidoscope between the East and the West. Being born to a Hindu family in the Kingdom of Bahrain, while attending a Catholic school, he was exposed to a wide spectrum of traditions and takes a wide range of influences from the likes of Russ, The Weeknd, Jeff Buckley, and J.Cole. Melding Middle-Eastern textures with East Coast grit and Indian melodies his music is emotive and raw, yet polished and unique. Performing at events like the BIRA Make play Festival and BIRA FreeFlow, it’s becoming harder to ignore the come up.

With emotive guitars, witty wordplay, high falsetto, and a catchy hook, this song represents the raw yet polished sound of Xenai as he sings his heart out after being played a fool.


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