Xavier Omär Delivers Sonic Richness And Real-life Emotions On "b l u r r" EP

Texas-based singer/songwriter Xavier Omär debuts a five-song EP titled b l u r r. The project features production from Jay Versace, Oxthello, Sango, Savon, Kaelin Ellis, Stwo, Bizness Boi, Derelle Rideout, Pelham & Junior, Billy Blunt, Justin Crawford, ROM and Shaan.

Lead single “Feelings 4 You” is a soulful track inspired by Omär’s own romance with his wife that landed Best R&B of The Week with Uproxx. The second single “Tarantino” produced by Sango and Stwo, is a “summertime bop” that took lyrical cues from his dad’s decision to pursue a woman who was already engaged and became his wife.


“Each time I search sonically, lyrically and visually to be able to give people something that’s not just a rehash of what they’ve heard before,” explains Omär. “I want to convey emotion in every lyric and note choice I make. Whether you already know my music or are hearing it for the first time, you can step in and absolutely connect with a feeling you may not have found the words for yet.”

Rounding out the b l u r r EP are an insightful look at overcoming life’s challenges while seeking what’s needed to get back on the right tack (“A Dream” featuring Pat Junior); the frustrations that can arise in any relationship, told from the female perspective (“A Concept”) and the folly of trying to outrun your problems instead of facing them head-on (“Not In LA”). In every instance, each selection showcases Omär’s unerring skillset in taking the left-of-center route to create his singular brand of pop-, jazz-, rock-and rap-infused R&B.


For Xavier Omär — named “one of R&B’s most hidden gems” — making music boils down to one crucial factor: always give listeners something different. That’s the central line connecting Omär’s diverse and adventurous catalog, launched via a series of popular EPs beginning with 2015’s Hours Spent Loving You and the subsequent release of his first two studio albums: 2019’s Moments Spent Loving You and 2020’s critically acclaimed if You Feel.

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