Wit Blu Is "Homesick"

Wit Blu Is "Homesick"

Wit Blu is a solo project, started by singer-songwriter Whitney Carr in 2017. Her sarcastic, witty, and emotional lyrics akin to Lana Del Rey paired with synth-laden trip-hop beats resembling Marion Hill, combine to make a genre of her own.

Her latest single, "Home Sick", was inspired by her lifestyle growing up, she moved a lot and never felt connected or tied to one place. "Someone once told me that you miss people not places and that has always been true for me. Home is your lover, your family, your friends, your pet, it can be all of those things at different or the same time", she said

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Website: www.witblu.com

Facebook: facebook.com/witblu

Instagram: instagram.com/witblu

Twitter: twitter.com/witblumusic

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