Will Downing Features Avery Sunshine On New Single, 'I'm Feeling The Love'

Will Downing is gearing towards the release of his 20th studio album, "Soul Survivor." Last week, he dropped a new single, "I'm Feeling The Love," Featuring Avery Sunshine from the up and coming album.

The Prince of Sophisticated Soul has been in the music biz for the past 30 years and has a timeless catalogue of soul music for any moment.

The new single with Avery Sunshine is an attention catcher with a solid R&B arrangement that Sunshine brought to the mix filled with breezy background harmonies. The new song talks about finding that special kind of love that can make you forget about all the past hurts. "This is my anthem for anyone that has been in and out of love...a song about renewed spirit," said Will about the new smoothie.

"Baby, I have the magic key to open your closed door / Meet me halfway so we can both explore /Ain't no need to rush I want to take my time / Getting to know your body and your mind," they both sang.

The new jam is available for download now ahead of the September 22nd release of the full album.

Take a listen below!

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