We Are Falling In Love With Avant's New Album

We Are Falling In Love With Avant's New Album

For nearly two decades, multi-platinum R&B singer, songwriter/producer and stage play actor Avant has thrilled us with his masterful vocals, and now, he has returned to the game, by dropping his new and much anticipated ninth studio album “Can We Fall In Love”.

We had the pleasure of speaking with the music icon and asking him all the burning questions about his return to music and his new album, produced by the amazing Travis Sayles (Dark Child Productions).

Like all his fans, we wanted to know where he had been for the last five years and what had motivated him to return to the recording studio. He spoke fondly of the competitive music scene when he began his music career and how it encouraged him to work hard and continuously put out records, so people knew he was in the game. Taking a break to rediscover love and more expressions of it was important to him but now, Avant’s focus on getting back into the studio was on his fans who were eagerly awaiting his return. So, knowing how his fans would appreciate what real music was, he set out to create a musically and lyrically meaningful body of work in Can We Fall In Love.

The Cleveland native dropped the new album via the MO-B Entertainment/SRG ILS Group/UMG label imprint. Can We Fall In Love is an open-letter with raw honesty and intensity.

Featured songs such as "You Don't Love Me No More" reminds us of the challenges of maintaining adversities in relationships, says Avant. "I was having a spat with my lady," he recalls. "It's so many cell phones and distractions that take away your attention from a relationship. It makes you feel like, "Am I here for the kids, the bills--what is it?' I don't feel that presence of love anymore. I was going with that. I wanted to make sure it had a hip hop feel to it. I could've made it a full R&B song, but I didn't want to make another "Separated" either. I wanted to include old school R&B, with the harmonies and notes where they were placed with the horn. It gives you a feel of authentic soul music."

Avant steps back in time with "Not Gone Lose," a tribute to an era which Avant elegantly conveys bringing us back to when ballads were the cornerstone of bringing Black families together. He explains, "I'm speaking from our generation. If we want to go back to the Ray Charles or Smokey Robinson era, it had a pinch of the true soul to it. That's what I was going with on this album."

With standout songs, "All In My Head," "Edible," and "Take It Slow," both written to appeal to a cross-generational audience--it drives home why Avant is a dynamic songwriter.

For nearly two decades, Avant has blazed a trail with hits, "Read Your Mind," "My First Love," and "Separated". "It's a different time in the world today and I’m trying to get people back to what real R&B is about. Not just making love but being in love, what happened to that? I think it's important that we delve back into those kinds of things," mentions Avant.

When many artists have fallen to the wayside, Avant continues to stay consistent in creating great music. "Can We Fall In Love" is a testimony to why his fan-base is so loyal to his craft. "I can't change who I am, so I have to give you exactly who Avant is all the time. That's my main goal when I sit down to record an album. I want to give you that interpretation of what this life is about," he adds. "This album is about the work that it takes to make a relationship work. There are good things and there are bad things, but if there is love, then that is the beginning of fixing the issues".

Stream the new album below!

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