Watch Mýa's Latest Music Video For G.M.O. (Got My Own) Featuring Tink

Mýa released the single "G.M.O. (Got My Own) last week and has dropped the new track's official music video.

"Don't need money / Got my own / I got bags / Bags to blow," Mya sings. "Hold up, boy / I don't need dough / But you can spend it / On me if you want."

About the new MyGuyMars and Resource production, Mýa said, "Recording ‘G.M.O.’ with the super talented Tink was awesome. The delivery, cadence, perspective, she brings adds even more swag. Also, working with producers MyGuysMars and Resource who are not only musical, but keep their ears close to the streets, is so refreshing creating the perfect balance for me with a familiar, yet original sound."

Watch the latest video below

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