Watch Brian McKnight Perform "Better" At Guitar Center

Watch Brian McKnight Perform "Better" At Guitar Center

Brian McKnight dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room and gave us an exclusive performance of his newest single "Better" and an insight of the story behind the song.

"It’s really our story, Leilani and my story,” he says. “It took me 42 years to find real love, and I was wondering if people are out there that have given up on the idea that it’s possible. If I can find it then you can find it, and that’s the other side of this ‘Better’ thing. But as you listen to the lyric of ‘Better’ it’s exactly the way that I feel, and some might say ‘Why are you concerned with being that vulnerable in case this doesn’t work out,’ but really honestly that’s how I feel and I wanted everybody to know that’s how I felt, and more than anything I wanted her to know how I really felt. Sometimes the only way I can really express it is to write it in a song."

Better, which is the R&B legend's 12th studio album was released earlier this year.

Check out the performance below and leave your comments!


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