Vudajé Would Like To Know What She Wants In New Single, "Tell Me"

Vudajé Want To Know What She Wants In New Single, "Tell Me"

California's R&B upcoming Alternative R&B artist Vudajé has released his latest single "Tell Me."

A creative mind from the Bay Area with an affinity for fusion who manifests his vision through every step of the creative process including songwriting, production, mixing/mastering, and graphic design, Vudajé flexes his vocal capabilities on this new single.

The 25-year old singer-songwriter / music producer hones in on retrospective R&B and Alternative-Rock influences such as Maxwell and Incubus, spinning together genre-bending instrumentals and nostalgic melody structures that resonate at the core.

In 2018, the R&B singer received recognition from major brands, Coca-Cola and Southwest Airlines, as one of San José's favorite music artists of the year. A debut EP and artist collaborations are to be expected throughout 2019.

Listen to the latest single below.


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