Upcoming Singer Nandi Releases New Single, "Free"

Upcoming Singer Nandi Releases New Single, "Free"

Up and coming singer Nandi has released her latest single called “Free.” Her new song encourages people to be themselves and not worry about what other people say or do. “Free” reminds people that they are the only ones who can define themselves as an individual.

People can expect Nandi’s music to replicate soulful, feel-good R&B music. She shared that her music may not sound like other music on mainstream radio but is music people need to be in the mood for.

Nandi noted Erykah Badu as her musical influence, sharing her love for her R&B and neo-soul sound. She also loves the singer for her ability to test the limits of music and becoming a better singer. Nandi describes her work as music that matters and speaks to people’s life experiences as she draws from her own life experiences when writing her songs.

“One thing I want people to really know about me as an artist is that I just love to be fun and to be myself and to be enjoying life and the ability to just be able to connect with one another,” Nandi shared.

Nandi began her musical journey at the age of 11 when she sang in the church choir. She realized the power and influence a voice can have over an audience and how it really can change someone's mood and change someone's ability to see things in perspective. Once she recognized her talent as a singer, she decided to pursue a career in songwriting and singing.

“I think what draws me in about music is it makes me feel, it really is something that makes me feel calm and it makes me centered in life,” Nandi explained. “I feel like music gives me the ability to be versatile and gives me that ability to be different. It gets me to a place where I can be at peace.”

In 2019, Nandi headlined at the House of Blues in San Diego, participated in the annual Rock the Oaks charity event, and performed at various restaurants including Original Mikes in Orange County and Luke’s on Front Street in Temecula.

Nandi’s new single, “Free” was released on October 16, 2020, and is available on VMN Music. The singer is in the process of releasing her first EP album at the beginning of 2021.

Stream Free below:

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