Upcoming Artist Harrison Walker Revisits His Roots In New Single, "For You"

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Staying true to the fundamentals of RnB, it’s a reflection on the acoustic sound that formed the foundation of his career, Harrison Walker drops a new single, "For You" featuring upcoming singer Eden Morrissey.

The London-born and based Harrison has spent the last year meticulously crafting his unique take on contemporary R&B and trap. Beginning his career with just an acoustic guitar, For You was an opportunity for him to fuse his old and new style while exploring new ground.


The latest single comes after years of co-writing for talents including NaMo, Tr33, and a desire to create music for himself. Drawing from influences including EDEN, Justin Bieber, and Santino Le Saint, For You is the result of two months in the studio with Eden and marks the next step in Harrison’s solo endeavours.

Harrison released his first single of the year, "Shoot Me Down" in late January which did well across streaming platforms as he slowly cements his global musical presence.

“For You is the kind of single that will make you want to get back with an ex,” says Harrison. “It’s my favourite song to date and Eden Morrissey’s voice completed the project perfectly.”

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