Up And Coming Songstress Richitta Drops "Quit Playin"

Up And Coming Songstress Richitta Drops "Quit Playin"

Songwriter Richitta uses the R&B and hip-hop genres to bare her soul. She connects to listeners by showing her pain, joy, frustration, and everything in between.

From the suburbs outside of Chicago, Richitta’s music is a unique blend of soulful vocals and colorful pop rhythms. The result is an authentic sound that flows naturally with the music which is evident in her latest single, "Quit Playin".

Inspired by pop superstars like Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, and Brandy, listeners will notice the influence these artists have had on Richitta’s vocals and lyrics. In 2014, Richitta made her first mark on the industry with the release of her EP, "Dreams Come True". The record was an impressive introduction to the young and ambitious new artist and featured the hit single "Summertime", a melodic and wavy ode to summer nights and dance parties in her hometown of Chicago. The EP showcased not only her skills as a songwriter but Richitta’s ability to create authentic vibes and energy within the listener.

Currently, Richitta is preparing to release more music. As she continues to develop as an artist, she is excited to meet new fans and perfect her signature sound. Excitingly, Richitta’s upcoming projects will embrace hip-hop beats and rhythms, adding an even more dynamic range to her music. When combined with her ambition and drive, Richitta’s musical style and artistry prove to be one of the hottest new sounds in the industry.

Stream Quit Playing below!



Twitter: @so_timeless

Instagram: @richitta

Facebook: @JustRichitta

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