Trey Songz Drops New Song And Video, 'Playboy'

Trey Songz, has a new song titled "Playboy," from his upcoming Tremaine album due on March 24 via Atlantic Records.

“Too many nights to remember / So many girls, I can’t count / Can’t keep track of these adventures / What has become of me now? / I thought each one was special / Oh, who am I kidding? / Why do the things feel so good? / That are so forbidden, okay / That’s enough of child’s play / I think it’s time to settle down / But the game won’t let me out,” sings Trey.


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Songz also released the video for the new single. The new video is a part of the second episode of his parody dating show, Tremaine The Playboy.

The new track was produced by Rico Love.

Watch the video below!


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