The Voice's Katrina Cain Finds Herself In New Folk Single And Visualizer, "Independence Day"

Katrina Cain kicks off the summer with her latest single “Independence Day.”

Accompanied by just an acoustic guitar, the track is a soft, pensive soundscape of powerful, emotional vocals and angelic harmonies that serves as a perfect summer reflection just in time for the 4th of July.


The track explores Cain’s journey to self-discovery and what it means to truly belong to yourself. “Sometimes we change ourselves to fit in, and when you take a step back and look at yourself, you realize that all of that constant effort to change is not only exhausting, but totally unsustainable,” says Cain. “I wanted to find a way to describe the beautiful side of falling apart, so I wrote this song about freeing yourself — from someone, something, or even someplace. It’s about walking away from a burning pile of ashes as a totally new person, who belongs to yourself alone.”

“Independence Day” was written and performed by Katrina Cain with mixing by Andrew McMillan and mastering by Justin Perkins. It is available on all streaming services this Friday, July 1st, along with a visualizer premiering at 12pm CST the same day on Katrina’s Youtube channel.

Since COVID, Cain has released 3 well-received singles, “Gold,” “Things I’ll Never Say” and “Go This Alone,” and is slated for an E.P. release.


Katrina Cain is an Austin-based artist and songwriter. Hailing from everywhere and nowhere at once, she was born in Dallas, raised in a small New England town, and has moved over 20 times. When asked where she’s from, the response of “Dallas born, Yankee bred” is the easiest way to answer.

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