The Haxans Release New Track and Music Video for "All The Roses"

LA goth-pop power duo The Haxans released their new track and music video for “All The Roses” last week Friday, 11/02/202.

“’All The Roses’ is one of those songs that invokes a feeling within upon hearing its very first note. It immediately made me feel scorned, vengeful, devious and almost evil in just a few heavy strums of the opening riff,” states Ash Costello.


“We did most of our recording in Pasadena California, “The Rose City” for several years. I became obsessed with Roses and taking pictures of them everyday on my walks around the neighborhood. I found them, their symbolism, and their parallel to the fragility to human relationships endlessly fascinating. So, learn to enjoy the pure beauty while it’s in front of you because nothing lasts forever. The song was one of those that wrote itself in 15 mins. I barely remember trying to play or write anything in the song, it just happened. It came through me from somewhere else. Unlike a lot of our songs, we didn’t change one note or word. I think Ash only sang it once. So, it’s all exactly as it landed on earth. Unspoiled by fertilizer," states Matt "Count D" Montgomery.

Costello adds about the music video, "Our goal was to create a visual that embodied those natural feelings in the song. It’s very fun to play with the mythology of the band and explore where we might have been in a past life and all of the trouble we caused!"


"The video explores the idea that the band and our spirits existed in different moments in time. Which I find really fun in a “Twilight Zone” kind of way,” adds Montgomery.

The Haxans will also be appearing at The Nosferatu Festival in Austin Texas on March 5th, followed by a U.S. tour this Spring opening for John 5.

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Watch All The Roses music video:

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