Swedish Singer Olivia Creutzer Has Released Her Debut Single "For U"

Swedish Singer Olivia Creutzer Has Released Her Debut Single "For U"

Olivia Creutzer, Swedish born singer has released her debut single, "For U."

In 2018, Olivia took part in the Swedish talent show Helges Talangjakt in Gävle, Sweden, and was voted the public’s favourite act. Artists who have appeared on Helges Talangjakt over the years include most notably the 2011 winner Zara Larsson – now a global megastar.

"Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be on stage. In school and out of school – all I could. Even before I could speak any english I used to sing in pretend english in front of the class. I did everything I could to get more music and song into school, said Olivia"

The new single, For U was written by Herman Gardarfve of Merion Music AB and Sibel Redzep of BMG Scandinavia. Herman Gardarfve has written music for some of Sweden’s biggest artists and has also achieved international success – including entries on the American Billboard chart. Sibel Redzep took part in Swedish television show Idol 2005 and Melodifestivalen (Swedish Song Contest) in 2008 and 2010.

Music is everything for Olivia. Since childhood, Olivia has been singing in Värmdö Church, her school and in other contexts, wherever she has been given the chance. In 2018, Olivia participated in the competition Helge’s Talent Contest in Gävle and was voted the audience’s favorite artist. After the competition, she was signed to Merion Music AB.

Olivia sings pop, R&B, rock and every genre possible. As a child, she knocked on the neighbors and sang in their living room. As a young adult she has landed in pop. Olivia’s role models are Ariana Grande and Beyoncé.

About music Olivia said, "I love music. I love to sing. The best thing I know is to see others be happy when I sing. The dream is to be able to live on my music."

Listen to the new debut single below!


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