sV Explores the Highs and Lows of Mental Health with Mini Album "AnxiousAlbum"

sV Explores the Highs and Lows of Mental Health with Mini Album "AnxiousAlbum"

Brutally intimate and honest, sV lays his feelings bare on "AnxiousAlbum", a self-stylized 6-track ‘Mini Album’ that guides listeners through what it means to be in the artist’s head.

“I created this album at the height of my depression. After years of not being able to create anything.

The album is dedicated to my cousin who passed three years ago. Bringing mental health to the forefront; the impact of anxiety, depression, and stress in one.”


The focus single Summer Snow opens with an echoing guitar that repeats throughout the track, scoring sV’s ponderous vocals that lament the torment of bittersweet love. Rich with R&B inspiration, a subdued beat echoes that of the song’s protagonist as their message is emphasized by a backing of electronic keys, strings, and bass. The irony of the song is in the repetition of its hook “Don’t let me fade” punctuating a song that is not easily forgotten.

These sounds and messages continue on through the rest of the album. From the previously released single Questions [can u] speaking directly to audiences through exclusively questions, to Lite Water’s ethereal piano and They Say’s hypnotic acoustic guitar, each of the six tracks showcases the talents and intimacy of one of alt pop’s most exciting new acts.

A creative soul at heart finding pleasure in artistic endeavours. One of his main hobbies being clothing design. Growing tired of the monotonous designs in the men’s space – “if a piece isn’t interesting to look at, I would have to redesign it”. Usually donning his own designs sV likes to challenge himself to create, a prime example being the jacket he’s wearing in the video for the track Questions [can u](linked below). He comes from a background of travel having lived in Germany, London, Ghana and New York. Furthermore, he travelled to China in his more recent years to be a music producer still working for many Korean and Chinese acts now.


“Creating music comes to me in many different forms. It could be a melody that comes to me sitting with my plants, reading my books, playing around on my guitars, or going through old records, and getting inspired by an old tune. I then get behind my production station and compose what ideas I have. Adding sounds that feel right to the track and arrange it in an emotional way. Musical instruments have a special place in my heart, they give voice to the voiceless and are limitless in emotions. Whether it be a happy track, giving it the energy, it needs capture the vibe in an instant or emotional, drawing the listener in with slow piano and verse. I like every lyric to feel as part of me as possible.”

Listen to the new album below:

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