Steven Christopher Stays True To Himself With New Single, "Single Minded"

Cover Art Photo Credit: Luis Godinez

Steven Christopher is an emerging artist but has technically been putting in work over the years. His single "Only One" became a viral a few years ago. His last release, In My Head" is an audible stream of Steven Christopher's journey in managing and overcoming struggles with mental health and self-confidence. All of his music leans towards a self-love vibe, regardless of the situation, as a writer, he pulls the listener back in, with a strength of overcoming difficulties.

Music fans have been raving about his music covers. Steven has put his spin on songs by Babyface, Drake, and more recently Cardi and Meg the Stallion. Each year, his music unveils a new sound that is rooted in R&B.

Heavily inspired by Timbaland and the wave of 2000's R&B, Steven Christopher wrote and produced, "Single Minded".. the anthem for those choosing themselves over toxic relationships. In his words "not everyone is crying over love like that, all the time. We can take it or leave it. We're more focused on loving and taking care of ourselves, we're single minded" - Steven Christopher

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Steven Christopher is 100% a DIY artist. Most of his songs are self-produced and written, his songs glide seamlessly back and forth between heavily inspired early 2000 R&B and auto-tune rap. In 2018, he moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his love for music and acting.

Steven Christopher is now ready to unveil his first full-length project. For now, sit back and enjoy "Single Minded" below.

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