Stellar Performer, Estelle California, Releases the Ultimate Love Song to a Nation

Stellar Performer, Estelle California, Releases the Ultimate Love Song to a Nation

Though originally hailing from France, singer, songwriter, pianist and saxophonist, Estelle California was so smitten with her current home that she changed her name to reflect it. Her current life is a far cry from her childhood growing up in France, suffering physical and mental abuse and living in a neighbourhood which had an inherently racist mentality. Her remarkable triumph against adversity has led to her writing songs which transcend culture and background, bringing a message of positivity and hope. Black is the True Light is her latest single, a tribute to the African American and African communities around the world who have constantly battled against division and hatred.

"This song is the biggest love song I could have ever dreamed to have," Estelle says. "It is my love, purpose and my duty to shine the black glory and the light of resilience that comes out of the darkness”.

Beginning her life anew, Estelle travelled through Africa, an experience which helped her to realise that her calling in life was to give back to black communities and those who have been oppressed around the world, recognising that her own survival against cruelty could inspire others. Estelle is now based in Oakland, California, a place she feels is her true home, surrounded by communities of all colours and background living harmoniously. The freedom with which she can now express herself explains why being a US citizen is so important to her and how her name ‘California’ takes on another meaning.

Listen to her latest single below!


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