#SPOTLIGHT: Raymond Barton Drops First Single, 'Always Kissing' Featuring Tyra Juliette From

"People will stop and stare at us because we are always kissing," are the intro lines of Raymond Barton's new smooth soul ballad, "Always Kissing - Featuring Tyra Juliette."

Released under The Soul Imprint Records, the new love song is the first single from Barton's upcoming E.P. "I was influenced by Chic / Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards, as well as Kashif and Teena Marie," said Barton. "I always imagined if artists got together and “blended” their soulful creative ideas, what would that sound like? As well, to me so much of soul music these days seems to forget about how a soul groove used to be in the “pocket". I wanted that vibe with some of my new music," he continued.

“Always Kissing” is heavy on the bass with driving horns put inside a good groove with soulful harmonies. Tyra Juliette graced the track with her funky rhythmic style. Know for her fresh approach to classic songs, Juliette's sultry vocals caressed the intro of Always Kissing with such harmony that glue you till the end of the track. Her voice has taken her around the world many times. As a background vocalist she has shared stages with Nile Rodgers and Chic, Demi Lovato, Pharrell, Ed Sheeran, Rita Ora, The Roots and many others.

The last E.P by Raymond Barton “If Only For Love” was an homage to one of his music heroes Norman Connors. 'Always Kissing' is similar to the type of music he still listens to.

Always kissing is now playing on RnB Hits Radio.

The new single is available for download now.

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