South Africa's Miguel Pregueiro Drops "All Day" Single

South African Miguel Pregueiro Drops "All Day" Single

Dubbed the sexiest local song of the year has arrived, with an equally seductive video to complement, as pop sensation, Miguel Pregueiro - himself oozing non-stop sex appeal - releases his latest single unlike any of his previous upbeat, Latin sounding material, titled "All Day".

And after a first listen, you might just do that and end up listening to the song around the clock, that is if you are not able to watch the video on repeat. Penned by Miguel himself, get ready to fall head over heels in love with this talented star when you hear how “All Day is basically about just wanting to spend all your time with that one person in your life,” as he reveals.

He adds: "The song has a very strong sensual element to it, which I wanted to express on a more intimate basis. The most crucial aspect I wanted to highlight with this song and essentially the music video, was the intimacy in a relationship and how amazing it can be when you’ve found that one special person you can share your mind, body and soul with.”

Listen to the new jam below.


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