Soulful Singer/Songwriter Rachel Norman Emerges With Nostalgic Pop Single, "Fairway Drive"

Soulful Singer/Songwriter Rachel Norman Emerges With Nostalgic Pop Single, "Fairway Drive"

Rising pop singer-songwriter Rachel Norman has released her latest single “Fairway Drive.” Her first single since her debut EP Resist serves as a bouncy nostalgic ode to the singer’s hometown and sets the tone for her upcoming music. Written by Rachel Norman, with production and instrumentation by Michael Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media and additional production by Luke Aymon, “Fairway Drive” is an electronic organic production with natural and thoughtful vocals from Norman that create a contemporary live sound.

"I wrote Fairway Drive while driving home one day in March. I really enjoy improvising lyrics and melodies while on the highway. I’ll be belting alone in the car listening to my favorite artists, and a melody will come into my head. That’s when I turn the music off, press record in my voice memos, and just start improvising. I came home that day and drafted up the chords on my keyboard," says Norman. "Fairway Drive is dedicated to everyone’s road trip home. A celebration of nostalgia, and commemoration of friendship. I hope that Fairway Drive makes you smile.”

Rachel Norman is a soulful pop songstress based in NYC, well known for her talents as a vocalist. Her style has been compared to Tori Kelly and Ariana Grande. Norman has collaborated with Luke Aymon, jazz composer/pianist Jason Leonhard, songwriter/guitarist Kris Wong, DJ/producer CLOCKWORK DJ, and Mike Abiuso of Behind the Curtains Media. She is also an actor who has been seen on NYC stages and beyond.

Norman is slated to release more music in 2020. While we wait, stream Fairway Drive below.

Connect with Rachel Norman:

Facebook: @rachelnormanmusic

Instagram: @rachelnormanmusic

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