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SOLIS - Releases Summer Pop New EP, "Open"

Glimmering with balmy rhythms that are as sleek as they are lo-fi-tinged, “Jungle” is a scintillating masterclass in gauzy pop production.

With alluring, sun-drenched melodies that nod to poignant and melancholic themes but ultimately reach an all-the-more optimistic conclusion, Solis says of the track:

“I wrote this song when I realised there’s always an option, always a way out, the hardest part is realising that. The EP as a whole was written from a place where I didn’t feel I belonged and was dreaming of something else “Jungle” and “Osmosis” in particular are about living in the city and being part of the rat race, the never-ending cycle of work and spend and very little time for living.”


Taken from the Manchester-based artist’s new five-track EP ‘Open’, the release comprises five tracks including the hypnotic earlier single “Be Together” and debut release “Jigsaw”. Across its five tracks, Solis flexes her knack for dreamy vocal melodies, ethereal rhythms and glinting, laidback percussion. Written by Solis, recorded at her home in Moss Side and produced by Andy Connor, ‘Open’ also features Jack Winstanley on bass and Max Barron on drums to bring the EP’s stellar set of songs to life.

Opening up about writing and recording ‘Open’, Solis explains: “I wrote these songs about 4 years ago. As soon as we finished recording, I had a really serious car accident which had me recovering for a very long time and I’m finally ready to release this body of songs. This EP ‘Open’, will be followed by a second EP shortly after, both EPs were intentionally written to follow each other and act as a big body of songs.”


Joining those early singles are new offerings including lullaby-like “Osmosis” — a gentle pop track that sees chiffon vocals combined with soft percussive licks that glitter like a strobe of sun across water — and “Mystic Man”, an otherworldly cut of soft electric guitars and floaty melancholy.

Solis adds: “”Mystic Man” is about something very personal in my life with someone very close to me. It’s more of a realisation that just because someone is close to you at one stage in your life, doesn’t mean you won’t evolve to be in a completely different wavelength.”

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