Singer-Songwriter Tanya Nolan Releases New Holiday Single, "What Would A Christmas Be"

“For many of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the feeling of joy, warmth and nostalgia I feel when I’m putting up the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music with my love ones. It’s a real mood enhancer and a comfort for me,“ shares Tanya.

Singer-Songwriter Tanya Nolan Releases New Holiday Single, "What Would A Christmas Be"

"What Would A Christmas Be" was written by Tanya Nolan and Keyiara Sallie and produced by Cory Mo.

Tanya is currently enjoying the success of her most recent Billboard Top 25 single, "MY BEST," as it continues to dominate the airwaves. She is also gearing up to bless fans around the world with the REMIX of "MY BEST", featuring multi-award-winning singer-songwriter and producer, CeeLo Green.


The LGBTQIA+ activist and openly gay woman of color continue to give music lovers exactly what they came to get, "good music", as she plans to continue to release new music frequently in anticipation for a bigger body of work in the spring of 2023. "I've been working at my musical craft most of my life and have put out music before, but this time just feels different. I am in a space where I can follow my dreams freely, control my destiny and tell my own personal truth," she adds. "I hope that my fans will relate to my stories and vibe with me on this journey."

Tanya Nolan is a soulful R&B/ Pop singer, songwriter, actor, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and producer known for her unique power vocals, original tracks and cinematic music videos in multiple genres including R&B, Pop, and Dance Music to name a few. A native of Galveston, TX, Tanya discovered her affinity to music at an early age. As a child, Tanya admired the music of Prince, Michael Jackson, and other greats from various genres of music. This led her to discover her own inner voice as a lead singer and songwriter.


Tanya arrived on the national stage with the release of her R&B record, "No Pressure." The record landed on TOP 40 radio stations across America including Music Choice and iHeartRadio. With the release of the dance remix, "No Pressure" (The Bruce Bang Remix), the remix charted on national Dance charts and was featured on C89.5 in Seattle, one of the top 10 radio stations in America along with KHTS, a Ryan Seacrest station in San Diego.

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