Singer/Songwriter Jai Releases New Single, "Night"

Singer/Songwriter Jai Releases New Single, "Night"

Jai, a singer/songwriter in London who is of Portuguese/Trinidadian descent has been writing songs and singing for 10 years now. After a three-year hiatus (and a break up) he is finally back with his latest single, "Night". His songs are almost always about his own experiences and the lyrics are rooted in reality and situations that actually occurred. "I consider each song a letter to someone to let them know how I felt and to get things off my chest", he said of his music.

The new single is about falling for someone and discovering they were already in a relationship and you were one of many other people they saw on the side.

Night is Jai's first single off his coming EP "Emojions" due later this year, which is a collection of songs about different relationships and encounters Jai have had. "The concept of "Emojions" refers to the way we all express ourselves so differently. I'm someone who likes to talk about how I feel, and I can express myself in conversation or a song. Others like to bottle things up inside. In some cases, in the modern world of dating now a lot can be said with just a single Emoji to express how you feel, or what you are thinking", he continues. Jai grew up singing to Craig David and as such he is often compared to him. He has made R&B slow jams his niche while breeding inspirations from Drake, Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Majid Jordan, Partynextdoor, Frank Ocean, and Summer Walker. "I'm a big music lover and grew up on such a variety of music from RnB to Hip Hop, Reggae & Soca, Jazz, and Soul. My household always had music on and my family could just be cooking together in the kitchen and music will come on and we all start dancing together," said Jai.

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