Singer-Songwriter and Producer Russell Taylor Releases Flirty New Single, "Cherry"

VH1's "You Oughta Know Artist", Singer-Songwriter and Producer Russell Taylor Releases Flirty New Single, "Cherry" (On Valentine's Day)

The naughty and sensual new single, "Cherry" released today 14/02/2022 via the IndigoBlue label imprint serves as the first new single from Russell Taylor's forthcoming album.

"Cherry" was produced by Russell Taylor and B. Fischer and co-written by Will Boston. “We have all had that special kind of “love” that is no good for us; but we keep going back because it feels so damn good. Team-make it sweet, and make it hurt! Cherry is for us, it’s our anthem!,” mentions Russell Taylor.


Russell Taylor has been labeled as a “sanger” not to be confused with an ordinary singer. Simply put, when he sings he feels it from the deepest, most soul-saturated part of his being. So does anyone who is treated to the Rt! experience. He isn’t singing for social media likes or trappings. He has a true passion for the craft. His loyal fan base, lovingly dubbed #Souljers, will gladly second this emotion.

Growing up amidst the rich musical legacy of Philadelphia, Russell absorbed the sounds and style of the artists that came before him as well as his contemporaries. From Gamble and Huff, to Jill Scott, Russell has been inspired by the authentic musicianship of fellow Philly artists. Russell is an artist steeped in the rich tradition of legendary creators of golden eras past.


A true multi-hyphenate -- singer, songwriter, actor, producer, director, and educator -- Russell's projects often meet at the intersection of Art, Innovation and Activism. Toggling between directing an off-Broadway play GEMS (while unpacking themes of patriarchy) to being a VH1 You Oughta Know Artist alum with songs such as “War of Hearts” featured in film and television, Russell is revered among the industry vanguard and music lovers alike.

With four full-length projects independently released to date, his latest inter-disciplinary (& COVID19 break) offering, SoulVersations, pays homage to the musical tradition of the Black Arts Movement. Always conscious of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, Russell has a deep commitment to creating Art that reflects life, but too creating a life that reflects his Art...soulfully.

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