Shardella Sessions Releases Much Anticipated EP "Gemini SZN"

The long wait is over for the new Ep coming by Shardella Sessions Princess of AEE. Fans have been waiting for new music and now the wait is over! The new EP is a new wave of music like no other and Shardella is here to share it with the world.

Shardella Sessions is an American Singer-songwriter and has had her success in music since the early age of 11-year-old. In 2017, the release of her first album entitled The Evolution of Shardella was released on Atlas Elite Entertainment. It was at that time, that Shardella was growing into her own style of writing her album.

The Evolution of Shardella was a successful album in 2017. It peaked at #1 in Hot New Music on Archodia Play, #3 in Best New Release on Amazon and her singles, Let's Go and It's on Me peaked at #17 and #3 on the Brazil iTunes Charts.


Now with the new EP Gemini SZN, Shardella is ready to tell her story in each song to the world of fans. In her own words, Shardella quotes: "My direction for this EP was much different than what I've done in the past. I'm an R&B girl but I wanted to step into a new sound. I wanted it to feel fun and carefree. Music is supposed to be fun. I'm a Gemini and a summer baby so I'm all about a good time and good vibes. I feel like this was the perfect time to release this project. It gives people a chance to see another side of me.

Shardella explains the story behind the 7-track EP.

Track 1. Juice Ft Mya

Juice is definitely a high-energy song. I wanted to give my tiktokers something to dance to.


Track 2. Be Mine Ft Big Wae

Be Mine is a love song. I wanted to take it back and give people that 70s feel but also make it current to today's sound. This is definitely a song that makes you wanna get up and dance no matter the age. Big Wae definitely gave this track the essence it needed. We had a lot of fun with this one.

Track 3. Swoop

Swoop has a very grunge-like feeling. It's a mid-tempo laid-back song. I touch base on being fed up with what's around me and looking for an escape.

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