Sammy Johnson Drops New Reggae Album "Cool & Easy"

Sammy Johnson Drops New Reggae Album "Cool & Easy"

Singer-songwriter Sammy Johnson has released his much anticipated new album, "Cool & Easy" via tastemaker label Mensch House Records.

Somewhere between the charisma of Frank Sinatra, the empathetic tone of Bob Marley, and the smooth and sultry vocal runs of Lauryn Hill, lives the warm and kind voice of Sammy Johnson. He embraces his Maori and Polynesian roots to create positive and uplifting music. Known for blending together island reggae, soul, and jazz vibes with heartfelt lyrics, Sammy's Cool & Easy marks his first full reggae album. ‘Cool & Easy is so many things,” said Sammy Johnson. “It’s the rekindling of my love for reggae music, it’s my first reggae full album and it is a true authentic expression of how reggae music has touched my life and blessed me with the opportunity to do what I love.”

Last December, the Australian native released For Your Love single off the new Cool & Easy album. For Your Love is a moving rendition of the classic song from legendary songwriter/musician, Stevie Wonder. It is the first cover song that Sammy Johnson has included in a project. He says, “It is one of those timeless feel-good songs that always hits the spot.” He continues, “To me, the song represents all the good things about music especially soul music and the era in which it was created. I think as music evolves a lot of great things are added but also a lot of great things are lost. There’s something about music created in that time that just resonates with me more.”

Sammy continues, “I know the world is in such a fragile state right now. As easy as it would have been for me to reflect on that, I felt so strongly to consciously create something that would provide a place of refuge, peace, love, and happiness. I’m so proud of this album and I pray that you receive it with all the love and good vibes it’s wrapped up in.”

While Johnson is known for crossing genres, he pays tribute to reggae and his icons on Cool & Easy, bringing his signature croon to catchy, timeless beats. A staple at reggae festivals, Sammy Johnson has performed at tastemaker events including One Love, Cali Roots, and more both in the US and abroad. Produced by Grammy Winning producer J-Vibe, Cool & Easy is an authentic expression of how reggae music has affected Johnson’s music and life. In a year of uncertainties, Sammy Johnson focuses on giving fans a bright escape, setting an optimistic path for the beginning of 2021.

Stream Cool & Easy below.

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