Kalysta Proves She's One To Watch With New R&B Single "Can't Get Enough" feat. Fling

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Hailing from Detroit, home of Soul and Motown, upcoming vocal powerhouse Kalysta proves she's one to watch with her latest smooth Pop/R&B single "Can't Get Enough" feat. Tennessee rapper, Fling.

Kalysta is one of the best upcoming Jazz vocalists in Michigan and proves that she has the chops to sing any genre, including Rock & Roll, which she did in her previous single "Not Me." Now, she is returning to her roots and further establishing herself as a vocal powerhouse.

An easy on the ears bop about the feeling Kalysta gets from being with someone who is just so easy to be around, that she wants to spend all her time with them, “‘Can't Get Enough’ was made out to be a fun, upbeat song about being absolutely head-over-heels for somebody. Fling really adds [the] spice to the song as he is a talented lyricist, and came into the studio on a complete whim that day. As a result, magic happened and we created this song! I am so excited to share this feel-good song with everybody and I hope you can feel the magic too,” Kalysta said of the new release which was produced by Matt Smile, who worked on Kalysta’s previous single “Not Me,”.

Kalysta is a twenty-one-year-old songstress that found her inspiration somewhere between the deep grooves of ‘Motown’ era Funk and Soul, the elegant class of the ‘Big Band’ era, and the passionate energy of Latin Pop; all those flavors delivered through her take on contemporary R&B, and a voice that can’t be contained. Her skills at the microphone recently won her awards for Best Jazz Vocalist at the Alma Jazz Festival and 2020 Great Lakes Bay Region Review Music Awards, giving her the momentum to set tour dates across the Midwest.

Using her talents to honor iconic women in music from Aretha Franklin to Alicia Keys, Kalysta seeks to unite the music world and bring people from all backgrounds together to find the joy they deserve. That philanthropist spirit is at the heart of Kalysta’s work, aiming to provide resources and assistance for underprivileged children, veterans, and the disabled; connecting those with access with those in need.

With a message to send and a voice to deliver, Kalysta is revitalizing a soulful reflection of American music history, and her upcoming EP will tell that story.

Listen to Kalysta's latest single, "Cant' Get Enough" below:

Listen To Kalysta's Music

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