Rising R&B and Soul Singer, Ley Vara, Releases Her New Single "Red Flag"

Rising R&B and Soul Singer, Ley Vara, Releases Her New Single "Red Flag"

Toronto-based r&b and soul emerging artist Ley Vara is excited to announce the release of her sixth single “Red Flag.”

Written by Ley Vara and produced by Josh Polasz, from KYNGS, “Red Flag” reflects on heartbreak and being cheated on. Vara wants to inspire feelings of empowerment within her listeners by giving them a voice in a toxic relationship.

After witnessing the sheer heartbreak of being cheated on, Ley Vara took those feelings and turned it into a soulful r&b tune to let listeners learn from the mistakes she’s seen first hand. The lyrical story of “Red Flag” emphasizes how though we may feel we are in love with someone, we miss the warning signs of a person not being good enough for ourselves. The styling showcases a fight with oneself to realize how their partner is not the one.

Ley Vara released the official music video on December 1 to bring her melodic vision to life. Produced and directed by Sadia Malik, the music video highlights a young couple who is constantly fighting with one another and reflects on the mixed feelings about each other. Ultimately we see the girl gain a sense of empowerment by acknowledging the relationship is tainted and walks away from the person she loves. Through the soulful lyrics and music video, Ley Vara wants listeners to understand that it is perfectly acceptable to walk away from a relationship, whether romantic or platonic, that no longer seeks growth or positive change.

Singer/songwriter, RnB, pop, has worked with various artists from Canada and the US. Started recording in 2019, released one single over the summer that got over 20 thousand streams with no PR involved. Another single, Bruises, recently dropped to show her variety in sounds that she is able to cover. Starting taking singing lessons when she was 5 after her mother claimed that she was able to sing the ABCs better than most children. 12 years of vocal, piano, and guitar finally paid off in early 2019 when Ley decided to start recording. Producers at kyngdom studios have helped her mold into the artist she is today, covering a variety of different genres including pop, trap, RnB, dancehall, and whatever else the future holds for her. Ley Vara has also worked with TJ Whitelaw, guitarist, music director, and producer from Toronto, on her single “Bestmistake,”.

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