Rising Pop Singer Jayde Embraces Sadness On Debut EP "sad songs about sad things"

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Play "sad songs about sad things" By Jayde

Rising 21-year-old Toronto bedroom pop singer-songwriter Jayde delivers her moody debut EP "sad songs about sad things" including previously released singles “f this” and “sad af.”

On the inspiration behind her debut project, Jayde shares, “With the way society works and the way the world is, I think we are conditioned to think that happiness is this ethereal state of being and that happiness is a choice. What people fail to realize is that sadness isn’t a choice. We all end up having days, weeks, even months where we feel like the world is against us, like we are isolated and alone in our experiences and feelings. These things are inevitable.”


She continues, “I wanted to make something that both embraced the sadness, while simultaneously reminding us that as much as happiness can be a fleeting moment, so is every other emotion and feeling. What I mean by this, is some day we will forget why we were sad, what we were worried about, what kept us up at night. ‘sad songs about sad things’ embraces the sadness, in hopes that we are closing that chapter and moving forward to a new array of emotions and experiences.”

Over the last 3 years, Jayde has released a string of singles detailing the intimate parts of her relationships, romantic and otherwise. From her first single release in 2018, “Lines” that dealt with feeling like you have to pull teeth for your partner to tell you what’s wrong, to her 2020 single, “sad af,” which narrates telling your friends your relationship is going well when it’s really not, each song has been exploratory for Jayde as a writer, artist, and person.


Most recently, Jayde continued her story with the release of “f this,” the final single off her debut EP, sad songs about sad things.

Play "sad songs about sad things" By Jayde

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