Rising Alt-Pop Star Ihatekaye Releases New Single, "Incase"

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Alt-pop singer-songwriter ihatekaye has released a new emotional single, "Incase".

The 17-year-old Californian is a rising rockstar who successfully blends rock/alt, hyper pop, and orchestral influences into a cohesive distinctive sound while subtly paying tribute to some of his favorite emo rap artists.


Through his honest lyrics, crisp punk rock vocals, pulsing beat, and hyper pop soundscape, ‘Incase’ serves as a raw exploration of ihatekaye’s experiences with emotionally abusive relationships and substance abuse. “When the world around you becomes too much and your mind is in a dark place, it’s really hard to pull yourself out of it. You go looking for all the wrong things to anchor you,” says ihatekaye. “I want people who have gone through what I’ve gone through to know they aren’t alone. I went through it too and there is hope. Throwing myself into my music really saved me and I’m hoping that me telling my story can help someone else.”

"Incase" is equally an expression of pain and celebration, offering hope and dancing through the trials of overcoming tragedy. It gives audiences a reason to get up and dance, especially through hard times.

The new track was written and performed by ihatekaye and produced by Pacific, will be available on VMN Music Play on February 5th, 2021.

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