Retro Pop Artist MAK Set To Release Cinematic Retro Future Pop Single “Inside My Head”

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Brooklyn’s retro pop fused artist, MAK set to drop the first single, “Inside My Head” off his upcoming EP, Lucid Dream.

With introspective melodies carried by dark synth, this single paints the picture of an edgy, retrospective story through a dark lucid dream.


Produced by Yonatan Watts, “Inside My Head” tells an eerily vivid story of how easy it is to get lost in your mind. “I'm at a point where I'm stuck inside my mind and in a spiral that I'm not sure I'll pull out of,” says MAK about a lucid dream that felt like a lifetime. The cheerful, enthusiastic sound and retro synths combined with mysterious and reflective lyrics create the song’s tension, leaving listeners craving more. “The resulting story is a wild trip that blends dark ideas with bright sounds and highs and lows,” says MAK. He combines influences of pop, R&B, and electro to make up his progressive sound. This genre fusion continues to set a mark for where the future of pop is heading.

Growing up, MAK thrived in an array of pursuits. Sparking his musical interest at the young age of three when he first learned piano, he nurtured his love for music by picking up the violin and singing in his high school choir. Though he was the orchestra’s concertmaster, he simultaneously excelled in sports as captain of the football and track teams. He went on to play football at University of Pennsylvania and his musical pursuits fell into the background, After building a career in London and New York City in the sports industry and as a marketing and innovation executive, he fell into making music by accident. After teaming up with best friend and producer Jared Feldman, MAK was instantly hooked on how he sounded in a studio. This revelation led to the collaboration with producer Yonatan Watts to create his first EP, Gravity, released in April 2020. With a variety of inspirations from Guns N’ Roses to Timbaland to The Weeknd, MAK’s diverse music palate is a direct influence on his progressive sound. The result is retro-future pop music that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.


There is no doubt MAK is set to lead the progressive pop movement with his retro-futuristic style. This head-bobbing, upcoming introspective single is just the first chapter of the journey inside his dreaming mind that listeners will get to experience on his forthcoming EP rolling out over the next several months.

Inside My Head drops this Friday, March 5th and will be available on VMN Music.

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