"Raindrop", New Single By Tall Heights

"Raindrop", New Single By Tall Heights

Lush Indie-folk duo Tall Heights wants you to seize control of your own emotional journey in the latest single, "Raindrop".

Outsiders often assume our lifestyles as "touring musicians" exist categorically at odds with our more important roles at home. We've all seen the movies, and although it's true that life on the road is inherently laced with a certain recklessness and impulsivity, we believe it doesn't have to be a fickle existence. Human feelings, as involuntary and potentially inconvenient as they may present, are like sourdough starter: if nurtured they will grow, but you don't always have to sprinkle flour on it."


"Raindrop" is off of the duo's forthcoming full-length Juniors set for release on January 14th. The album was produced and mixed by Mike Mogis (Phoebe Bridgers, Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit) at his studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Tall Heights has built a dedicated fan base. The duo have received acclaim from the likes of Billboard, Under the Radar, American Songwriter, Live Nation Ones To Watch, Paste and more. They are set to embark on a winter tour.

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Looking back on the tumultuous year that gave rise to their latest album, Harrington and Wright note that they’ve adopted the Juniors outlook as something of a spiritual ethos: a realization that every new endeavor—no matter how familiar—will undoubtedly present new challenges and extraordinary surprise, ultimately reminding them that they are still but juniors. “I feel ready to view each next chapter of Tall Heights as another round of Juniors,” says Harrington. “This experience has emboldened us to create in any situation—because when life got very intense, we doubled-down on what we care about the most: creating songs together. And it felt fresh and new in that context.” And although leaving the Tall House proved nothing short of heartbreaking, the duo has found their devoted bond to be stronger than ever. “This record gave us the chance to really understand what we have in each other as weird partners on the great journey of self-exploration,” says Wright. “We know now that the Tall House can be a state of mind, not just a place of refuge. So while chaos continues, we’re able to fully see the beauty that can come from it.”

Listen below to the new single:

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