Raheem Devaughn Releases Collaboration Album, "Raheem Devaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn"

Three-time Grammy-nominated recording artist, Singer-Songwriter-Producer Raheem Devaughn Releases Collaboration Album, "Raheem Devaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn"

"Raheem Devaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn", is available now via the New Era Soul/SRG-ILS Group label imprint. The collaboration album was introduced to the masses with the first release, "Wait On Me" (Remix)(Part 2) from Georgia Reign featuring Raheem DeVaughn. It was followed by the already fan-favorite, "If I Don't" by Raheem DeVaughn.


"If I Don't" was written by Raheem DeVaughn and produced by Tim Kelley. "The inspiration behind the song came after having numerous conversations with Black women and I realized that they want to be recognized for how they show up in relationships," mentions Raheem. "If I Don't is an introspective record that speaks for women in the third person regarding how they want to be recognized and appreciated by the man in their life," he adds.

“I want to be known and have a name for being a contributor to the culture of R&B and soul music,” flatly states R&B lovers’ very own “the Love King,” while clarifying the inspiration behind his soon-to-be-released, stylistically diverse, multi-artist Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn set, “not just though my music but it could be through my penmanship, through songs that I write or artists I’ve discovered…not only in the D.C. area, but artists from different parts of the country and the world.”


Dependably a “man of his word” often known to practice what he preaches, Raheem’s musically rich “R&B radio show-meets-summer-cookout-mixtape”-themed LP does just that, featuring collaborating artists from his own music tribe (jazz-hop poet/vocalist Wes Felton, R&B-jazz-hip-hop producer/musician Bee Boy$oul, DeVaughn’s tour band Attinshun, alternative soul-rock stylist YahZarah), two promising discoveries encountered via social media (Houston-bred vocalist Brendalynn McKinney, Newcomer/Atlanta siren Kristina Ray), a returning 90s song stylist on the comeback (sultry neo-soulstress Grenique) and up-and-coming recording artists Raheem genuinely came across as a music lover himself (singer-rapper 704 Bravo; song stylist Georgia Reign).

“A few of the artists are people I met through social media and became a fan of what they do,” divulges Raheem of the eclectic mix of music artists featured on Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn. “I [technically] met Brendalynn McKninney through Instagram. I met [704] Bravo in Charlotte at a rehearsal space when I was preparing to go out on tour with Ledisi and Leela James. Attinshun is a group that is actually my band. Georgia Reign’s `Wait On Me’ has been out for a little bit; I feel like it deserved attention. I just want to share my platform for those people who develop soul and R&B…artists and voices that I’m fond of that are new. Or maybe they’re voices that you haven’t heard in a minute. I [just] always wanted to be able to do that.”


Rounding out Raheem DeVaughn Presents From Lust Till Dawn are those dependable, trademark slow grooves Raheem DeVaughn core fans anxiously awaiting his full-fledged follow-up to 2019’s Love Reunion have come to expect. Absolutely no disappointments in that musical area as Raheem’s highly-emotive, multi-layered, falsetto-to-full-voiced vocal display faithfully elevate (and astonish!) on the melodramatic, strings-accompanied R&B/pop balladry of “Retrograde;” the airy, soothing drip-drop R&Beat flow of his Prince-hued “Wet Again” and those chill-inducing, Marvin-like adlibs that confidently mark his stunningly show-stopping male take on music legend Janet Jackson’s 90s Quiet Storm classic “Anytime.”

“I remade that a while ago,” he confesses, “and to be honest with you, it’s been floating around on SoundCloud and I just figured it deserved to be heard properly. I was finishing up From Lust Till Dawn and I was in the studio listening to it and I was like ‘Yo, let’s officially mix this record and put some live strings on it. I think you can never go wrong with a good remake, or in some cases, a good sample. People love what’s familiar to the ear. And if you execute it properly you can’t go wrong.”

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