R&B Singer Cheryll Releases Visuals To "Fess Up"

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Fresh from just releasing her much-anticipated debut "Transition The EP", South London R&B newcomer Cheryll releases her first music video of the year in the form of her single "Fess Up" from the latest EP.

Fess Up is one of many hits from an honest project from Cheryll where she mainly focuses on previous and current relationships. She completely opens up to her listeners whilst discussing some of her experiences.


Cheryll manages to perfectly mix conventional and non-conventional R&B sounds and makes them her own. Fess Up itself has many personal inspirations. Musically, the style and sound of Transition took some inspiration from the style of early Beyonce and Destiny’s Child. As well as this, Cheryll was working on a lot of various songs over a 3 year period. From this 3 year period, Cheryll found herself as a musician.

Fess Up is a playful song where Cheryll is almost teasing or taunting a love interest into coming clean to her. This is exemplified in the music video through Cheryll’s soft, sensual manner shown by how she caresses her skin at certain points in the video. As well as this, there is one particular scene where Cheryll tries to entice the love interest which is further solidified by the colours black and red. D’wante Navire produced the single and was the sole engineer. The video was shot and edited by videography duo Tory and Joloff.


Cheryll has started off her 2021 campaign strong with the EP and followed up with a video that is pleasing to the eye.

Click here to play "Transition The EP" by Cheryll

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