R&B Singer, Charis Releases Her Latest Single "Scarlet"

R&B Singer, Charis Releases Her Latest Single "Scarlet"

Meet singer/songwriter Charis, the next up and coming new voice of R&B.

Her new single "Scarlet" captures listeners with its mysterious essence, sultry vocals, and hard-hitting beat as Charis expresses the freedom of a post-relationship life and newfound independence. Her unapologetic lyrics amplify her love for her independence, the fun in partying, and her need for separation from relationships.

Chris gave the new relationship anthem an upbeat party vibe though her lyrics and vocal emotion imply that of someone who's been hurt by love so many times and literally can’t take it anymore.

From Silver Spring, Maryland to the land of opportunity in Los Angeles, California, Charis's overall edgy aesthetic, feel-good tempos, upbeat influences, and soulful sound brings a fresh and unique perspective into the R&B world. She uses the early 2000s influences and electric modern sounds to elevate her sultry voice and sassy lyrics. “Never stop performing, you were made to do this” were the encouraging words that her principal told her at the arts school she attended.

Connect With Charis: Instagram: @charismaticcc

VMN Spotlight: https://spotlight.vmnmusic.com/artist/159867/charis

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