R&B Newcomer Yoji Is Bringing Sizzling R&B With Her Latest Release "Head Can’t Be Turned"

R&B Newcomer Yoji Is Bringing Sizzling R&B With Her Latest Release "Head Can’t Be Turned"

Tipped to be a future chart success, Rising songstress Yoji is bringing sizzling R&B with her new release "Head Can’t Be Turned" following the success of her lockdown love song Hiding Place, released last month.

Guaranteed to get you dancing in isolation, ‘Head Can’t Be Turned’ is a refreshing, upbeat R&B smash. The title of this summer anthem responds to a phrase made popular by Love Island ‘Heads will turn’ referring to the ability of someone’s good looks causing temptation and distraction from their partner. This song is an alternative perspective to this phrase which celebrates the idea of trusting your partner even if they gain attention from other people.

Yoji wrote this song after witnessing her partner being hit on in front of her. Although the green monster threatened to show itself, after some thought Yoji realized her trust in the relationship is strong enough not to worry. It’s a playful and catchy tune which is intended to give Yoji’s listeners a message of reassurance and self-worth.

Born in London and later raised in Suffolk, Yoji is a soulful pop singer, pianist and has won songwriting awards such as Fame Music & Coffee House Sessions, iluvlive, and Vodafone Future Breakers. Recent highlights include performing at the O2 Arena as a support act for Kool & The Gang at the Electric Soul Festival run and regularly performing in the West End.

“I grew up listening to confident female vocalist and I would turn to their music as salvation when I had relationship problems", Yoji said. "From the soulful house records my dad would play which featured strong female vocalists such as Sara Devine, India & Julie McKnight to the R&B bands and artists I cherished such as Alicia Keys & Destiny’s Child I gained self-confidence from them. I didn’t have a song to comfort me in the situation I found myself in this time so I wrote ‘Head Can’t Be Turned’. I hope my song can be that salvation for my listeners and remind them not to lose their self-worth in challenging affairs of the heart", she added.

Listen to the new jam below!


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