R&B Newcomer Cortrell Drops Debut Single, "Mistake"

R&B Newcomer Cortrell Set To Drop Debut Single, "Mistake"

Paterson, NJ born R&B newcomer Cortrell has released his much-anticipated debut single, "Mistake" just in time for Christmas.

"Mistake" is about falling in love with someone that you know could never love you back in the same way. Mistake is like the wake-up call after realizing the love that you thought was reciprocated both ways is now unrequited love.

Cortrell first knew he wanted to sing when he was just six years old. "My mother used to play pop in our household (*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera)", said Cortrell. "Still, it wasn't until I was old enough to go downstairs to my uncle's house that I would be opening the door to my true inspirations" he added.

Cortrell's voice and style can be compared to Usher and Brandy. "The first CD I ever bought was Brandy's NSN, and it instantly made me want to become a singer. I didn't take music seriously until I was 19 in college. I had just gone through a break-up, and the music was the only thing that helped me express myself, and it still does till this day, said Cortrell.

Stream the latest single below:

Connect with Cortrell on:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/cortrellg

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