R&B Group Cherish Has New Music On The Way!

R&B group Cherish is to launch a comeback this month after nearly four years since they last released any new music.

They made the announcement during a live Facebook session with fans and also released a sneak peak. "We’re gonna release four songs, and they’re gonna be back to back. The first one you should be receiving on February 24th…the first single is called “One Time / we are just excited to share something that’s our baby," said sisters Fallon and Felisha.

Other two members of the group, sisters Farrah and Neosha was not on the live session. It is not clear if the comeback will include all four members. But one thing is clear, we are getting new music from Cherish on February 24th.

Fans who subscribe to their mailing list will receive the record a day early Fallon said.

Good to have you back!


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