R&B Artist Geron "Can't Get Enough" Of Her Man

R&B Artist Geron "Can't Get Enough" Of Her Man

R&B/Soul artist Briana Johnson known by her stage name #Geron is making it know to the world on her latest single that she "Can't Get Enough" of her lover.

Geron’s musical style falls somewhere between the genres of Pop, Alternative, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Her voice holds a unique, soulful quality that lends itself to mastering and morphing multiple genres. She is influenced by several powerful female soul singers, including Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera.

"For this song, I really wanted to express what Pop and R&B music meant to me," says Geron about the feel-good and welcoming track.

Geron grew up in a military family (her father is now retired from the US Navy and her mom is a former member of the US Air Force), which has influenced her greatly. She grew up in many cities and traveled frequently, but spent most of her childhood in Atlanta, GA, and Virginia. Her parents instilled in her a “never give up” attitude, which has led her to relentlessly pursue her dream career in the entertainment industry no matter how challenging that may be.

In addition to her career as a singer, Geron has attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and started a career in TV and film.

"Can’t Get Enough" will appear on Geron’s upcoming EP, Tainted, due out later in the year.

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