Queen of Underground Soul, Sy Smith Releases Music Video For Her New Single, "Camelot"

Queen of Underground Soul, Sy Smith Releases Music Video For Her New Single, "Camelot"

Sy Smith drops the music visuals for new single, "Camelot" off her recently released album, Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete.

"Camelot" was written and produced by Sy Smith. The beautiful scenic visuals of the music video were directed by Shawn Carter Peterson and shot on an iPhone 10 device. The video was shot in Tanzania, East Africa. It opens on the island of Zanzibar featuring its expansive beaches and inland in the Jozani Forest. Later we join Sy on safari in different parts of the vast East African nation’s landscape - the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire National Park.

"Camelot - as we know from fairy tales - is a fictitious place, meant to represent a sort of castle estate for fairy tale love stories. This song is about a girl dreaming of a love that she can see so clearly that it seems real to her, but she knows it’s all in her mind. It’s her own personal Camelot - a fantasy and figment of her imagination," mentions Sy.

"The inspiration of this video was two-fold - 1) To have my love interest actually be a place instead of a person. In this case, the love interest is this beautiful region of the earth called Tanzania. 2) To relocate the idea of Camelot from what is normally considered (a medieval castle-like fortress associated with a legendary King Arthur somewhere in old Great Britain) to a real place, in this case - these majestic regions of Tanzania," she adds.

Sy Smith is currently traveling the country on her national "The Camelot Promotional Tour" in support of her latest single release. For tickets and additional information, please visit www.SySmith.com


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