Novelist Turn Singer/Songwriter, Angel, Has Released Her Latest Single, "He’s Got Me Saying"

Novelist Turn Singer/Songwriter, Angel, Has Released Her Latest Single, "He’s Got Me Saying"

With a Debut Novel That’s Earned Over 1 Million Reads Online, Rogue Music & Entertainment songstress Angel is Sharing her creative talents with the release of her debut single titled, "He’s Got Me Saying."

He’s Got Me Saying is a sensual, sexy track with an infectious hook that’s all about love and infatuation. “Make way for a summer of love, listening to this song!” Angel optimistically tells fans.

Having success online with over 1 million reads on her debut novel, Electric Impulse: Love, Life & Sex, Angel wants to expand on that experience for her readers, while also gaining new music fans. The new single organically ties back to the book, but both works exist independent of one another. So, whether you like to read good books, listen to great music or do both, you have options with her.

Angel’s sound is authentic and unique, and travels in the same vein as artists such as Ella Mai, SZA and H.E.R. She’s a creative in every sense of the word. Having already established herself online as “Angel the Author,” she has a growing fan base that includes thousands of followers, a million+ reads on her book and tens of thousands of likes. She’s a writer who’s already captured the hearts and imaginations of her fans. Unapologetic, Angel admits, “Being a writer and singer/songwriter is not a path that’s been carved out by many. But it’s where I am. And I want to share it.”

Listen to the new single below.

About Angel

Angel is an all-around artistic soul. Writing and singing have always been a part of who she is. Discovering a talent for weaving tall tales at a young age, she learned to thrive as a creative storyteller. Today, she is the author of Electric Impulse, which has been acquired by Wattpad, a social reading community with over 70 million monthly users. If writing is her passion, then singing is her First Love. She’s been singing since she was 5, holding informal competitions against her soul-singing cousins. The day she finally won, she knew music was where she wanted to be. Listening to artists such as Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and Aaliyah, inspired her to become the singer she is today; sultry and soulful with a hint of pop, truthful and authentic in her lyrics, and subtle and sleek in style.


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