Perry Bancs and Gem Chantelle Team Up For Seductive New Single "Alone Tonight"

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Los Angeles-based Perry Bancs and New York singer-songwriter Gem Chantelle join their musical forces together for the end seductive product entitled "Alone Tonight".

The new slow jam details not feeling ok mentally but the desire to have someone near physically, even only for an evening.


Featuring R&B-tinged vocals, over a kaleidoscope of chilled-out beats, the duo has crafted a deliciously seductive track. "The song is about not feeling okay mentally but still wanting someone physically there anyway, even if it's just for a night," says Perry Banks.

The infectious new single and R&B infused track features trip-hop beats under slow-burning seductive vocals. Alone Tonight is all about filling the void of loneliness with distraction with human connection. It marks the first collaboration between Banks and Chantelle.

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