Pearl Cutten Latest Single Eases the "Pain In You"

Pearl Cutten Latest Single Eases the "Pain In You"

Based in Denmark, Pearl Cutten has one of the most remarkable voices you’ll hear this or any year. Combining her otherworldly vocals with her innate spirituality, Pearl has been compared to artists such as Erykah Badu and Sade, her voice being a feeling as much as a sound.

Her latest single is The Pain in You, infectious soul music with a sprinkle of jazz lounge thrown in for good measure, with lyrics which deal with the reality of being in an abusive relationship but with a message that self-love is ultimately to answer.

Born in Botswana to a native mother, Pearl originally started making music as a teenager to combat loneliness, but it soon overtook her ambitions as a dancer and actor as her chosen calling in life. Developing different styles from R&B to soul to jazz, house and afrobeat, she moved to Aarhus in Denmark with her mother to live with her Danish step-father. Always maintaining strong links to her African roots, the people of Botswana have taken Pearl to their hearts despite often being thousands of miles away.

Now settled in Denmark full-time, she has perfected her soul, afro and jazz style and regularly performs shows around the country and at specially invited events such as fashion award shows in London.

Stream her latest single below!


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