Orla Gartland Shares Candid New Single "More Like You"

Orla Gartland Shares Candid New Single "More Like You"

Fast-rising Dublin singer-songwriter-producer Orla Gartland releases her candid new single "More Like You," a confessional account of reckoning with feelings of insecurity and inferiority, when it feels like being yourself isn't enough.

"I heard it from a woman on the internet, she told me to eat well and try to love myself then maybe I won't wish that I was someone else," she sings. Following the release of lead single Pretending late last year, "More Like You" is another taste of Orla's eagerly-anticipated, as-yet-untitled forthcoming debut album, due for release this year.

"Everyone compares themselves to other people right? If you don't tell me your secret. 'More Like You' was born from a petty friend jealousy I have for my best friend's other best friend. She's someone who I only ever heard good things about, someone I wanted to hate until I met her, and - of course - I didn't. I loved her," Orla explains about "More Like You."

Written with Tommy King (musical director and collaborator to HAIM, Vampire Weekend), the song came together first on the piano and was finished over lockdown. "My favorite sound in the track is the pulse that you hear in the first verse. I didn't want this song to feel sad but instead curious, so I liked the idea of the song starting not with a guitar or piano but a sound that was less recognisable, made up of layers and layers of other sounds," Orla adds

Born and raised in Dublin, Gartland started writing songs when she was 14 years old. Unable to convince any of the 18+ local pubs and venues to let her perform, she honed her craft online, before heading out on tour the day she finished school. On her return she packed her bags and moved to London, spending the next few years writing, recording, touring, and gathering fans apace.

Stream More Like You below.

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