NYC Pop Artist Nafsica Delivers An Intimate And Emotionally-Drenched Single, "Lately"

NYC Pop Artist Nafsica Delivers An Intimate And Emotionally-Drenched Single, "Lately"

NYC singer-songwriter delivers an intimate dive into the experience of newfound love with her latest single, "Lately". Reflecting on the start of a new relationship, she recalls the moment she feels herself falling in love - with butterflies in her stomach, and excitement for what's to come. Released on Valentine's Day, it's a song of love, unity, and trusting yourself. A delicately raw guitar melody opens, layered with Nafsica's emotive vocals, carefully questioning the start of newfound love, approaching with a mix of excitement yet caution. The track continues to swell with layered, dynamic vocal harmonies, building into a moving and powerful single.

"Lately" celebrates the moment of knowing you've found someone special; opening your heart in a moment of vulnerability and trust. Nafsica shared, "I was on a second date with my then-soon-to-be boyfriend and we had been drinking. I loved how considerate he was, putting me in a cab to head to my session, because he knew we had been drinking and didn’t want me walking around or getting on the subway, even though it was late afternoon. I felt butterflies as soon as I saw him, but the tension had been building up for some time. At that date we kissed and it felt like we had been doing it for years. I went into the vocal booth right after seeing him and just blurted out the whole song in a couple takes. Alvin was playing a beautiful chord progression on the guitar, I closed my eyes and described the feeling I was experiencing at the time."

Produced by Alvin Anthony and Christine Kern, "Lately" serves as a stripped back production allowing plenty of space for Nafsica's vocals to soar. Amazingly silky yet powerful, she layers harmonies for a powerful and addictive blend.

Nafsica has been involved with music her entire life; she was signed to Universal Greece at the age of 9. Now living in NYC, she's been staying busy with writing and performing, alongside numerous collaboratives. She has previously toured for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, opened for John Legend, and just celebrated her Broadway debut as lead vocalist of Rocktopia.


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